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"But now to yow, ye loveres that ben here,  Was Troilus nought in a kankedort?"

Troilus and Criseyde 
2: 1751-52

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  2. The Canterbury Tales in Translation

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Electronic Canterbury Tales - Kankedort.Net Index Page

Fragment I / Group A
The General Prologue
The Knight's Tale
The Miller's Prologue & Tale
The Reeve's Prologue & Tale
The Cook's Prologue & Tale

Fragment II / Group B1
The Man of Law's Introduction, Prologue, Tale, & Epilogue

Fragment III / Group D
The Wife of Bath's Prologue & Tale
The Friar's Prologue & Tale
The Summoner's Prologue & Tale

Fragment IV / Group E
The Clerk's Prologue & Tale
The Merchant's Prologue, Tale, & Epilogue
Fragment V / Group F
The Squire's Introduction & Tale
The Franklin's Prologue & Tale

Fragment VI / Group C
The Physician's Tale
The Pardoner's Introduction, Prologue, & Tale

Fragment VII / Group B2
The Shipman's Tale
The Prioress's Prologue & Tale
The Prologue & Tale of Sir Thopas
The Tale of Melibee
The Monk's Prologue & Tale
The Nun's Priest's Prologue,
Tale, & Epilogue

Fragment VIII / Group G
The Second Nun's Prologue & Tale
The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue & Tale

Fragment IX / Group H 
The Manciple's Prologue & Tale

Fragment X / Group I
The Parson's Prologue & Tale
The Retraction

The Electronic Canterbury Tales:

Troilus and Criseyde

A number of Chaucer biographies are available

 A Collection of E. Talbot Donaldson's most important essays,

Speaking of Chaucer

Including the essential "Chaucer the Pilgrim."

Donald Howard's is probably the best of the bunch


Check Out the Revamped Chaucer Pedagogy Page!
Online Resources for Chaucer Teachers
1. Chaucer Pedagogy -
Quick Start
2. Approaching Chaucer
3. K-12 Teaching Ideas
4. College Teaching Ideas
5. Recommended Materials
6. Teaching Notes
7. Assessing Web Sites
8. Documentation Primer
9. Documentation Rules of Thumb
10. Plagiarism: Understanding & Beating It
11. Grading Criteria for Written Work
12. Error Codes for Essays
13. Essay Helps
14. The Next Step
Online Resources for Chaucer Students


An Online Compendium and Companion
to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Chaucer the Pilgrim - Narrator & Chaucer the Author

See the famous portrait of Chaucer addressing the court of Richard II from the frontispiece of Troilus and Criseyde in CCCC MS 61 (c. 1399-1413, courtesy of James Simpson, Cambridge).

See Thomas Hoccleve's portrait of Chaucer from the Regiment of Princes (1412) (Larry Benson, Harvard).

See Chaucer's Portrait from the famous Ellesmere manuscript (Ellesmere 26 C 9, Huntington Library, San Marino, California).

1.  In Middle English

The General Prologue at the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center (from Robinson 1957).

The General Prologue at the University of Michigan's Corpus of Middle English Verse and Prose (from Robinson 1957).

2.  In Modern English Translation

3.  Historical & Cultural Backgrounds

Guilds were an integral part of medieval society, both in towns and in the countryside.  Peruse Medieval English Towns, Stephen Alsford's excellent site for more information about all aspects of town culture.

4.  Sources, Analogues, & Related Texts

A number of capsule Chaucer biographies are available online, some more useful than others.   The best is the Life of Chaucer at the Harvard Chaucer Page.  Others include are listed on the Luminarium Chauce: Additional Sources page.

Read Thomas Hoccleve's (1368–1450?) lament for his literary father in Lament for Chaucer, from The Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250–1900, by Arthur Quiller-Couch (1919) at continues to do a great service to the educational community by making available out-of-copyright editions of valuable older scholarly texts.

5.  Online Notes & Commentary

Larry D. Benson's superlative Geoffrey Chaucer Page (Harvard) includes e-texts of scholarly essays, sources and ancillary texts, and capsule discussions of key issues.  Some of the items related to Chaucer's life and narrative voice include:

6.  Online Articles & Books

Chaucer Sourcebook, from the Harvard Chaucer Page, offers a number of classic and professional essays from noted Chaucerians, including:

7.  Student Projects & Essays

Anniina Jokkinen's Essays and Articles on Chaucer includes a number of sample student essays, of varying quality.  Like any other source, student essays must be evaluated rigorously, cited correctly, and  used responsibly.

8.  Online Bibliography

9.  Syllabi & Course Descriptions

10.  Images & Multimedia

A number of portraits of Chaucer have been recorded:

More images of Chaucer have come online recently:

11.  Language Helps & Audio Files

12. Potpourri

A number of online reference works contain brief articles or overviews of Chaucer's life.  These are suitable only for elementary school use or for the casual reader wanting to know the basic contours of Chaucer's life and times.  They are not suitable for college level work..

13.  The Next Step

See the The Poor Medieval Scholar's
Electronic Bookshelf
  for recommended texts from Google Book Search& Microsoft Live Search.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar indexes academic material but doesn't yet make all of that material available. In most cases, you'll have to access your own institution's electronic databases and library materials to get the full text versions.

Because it does not make full texts available, at this point Google Scholar is best used as a bibliographical resource.

Google Book Search & Microsoft Live Search

These projects are also showing their growing pains, but they make a number of (primarily) older studies related to Chaucer and medieval literature and culture in full text. You can contribute to the success of this effort by informing Google or Microsoft of any incorrect scans, missing pages, or other errors.

Only out-of-copyright books are available in full and some of the scans are messy. I will cross list the relevant titles at the Electronic Canterbury Tales - Online Books and Essays main page and at the appropriate web page for each Canterbury Tale.

Google Custom Search

You can search for handpicked websites related to Chaucer and medieval culture as recommended by ECT users.

  • The Kankedort Medieval Studies Search Engine

I welcome your suggestions for suitable websites. Please be patient as I tune the search terms. 


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Troilus and Criseyde

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Challenge Your Vision of Chaucer with These Critically Acclaimed, Contemporary
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The Miller's Tale, The Wife Of Bath, The Knight's Tale, The Sea Captain's (Shipman's) Tale, The Pardoner's Tale & The Man Of Law's Tale

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