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Chaucer Pedagogy Quick Start
Chaucer the Writer who was chaucer & what did he do?
The Best Single Volume Introduction to & Overview of
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Chaucer Timeline & Chronology when did he live?
London & Medieval England 1 & 2 where did he live?
Chaucer's Reputation why is he important?
Chaucer's Contemporaries who else was famous in the 14th century?
Late Medieval England  what was going on in chaucer's england?
The "Calamitous" 14th Century why was chaucer's time so important?
The Canterbury Tales what was chaucer's most important work?
Online Chaucer Bibliographies want to find out what scholars think?
Electronic Canterbury Tales want to investigate chaucer on the www?

Research & Documentation - Online & Print

The Academic Standard for
the Humanities & Literature
separate the online wheat from the chaff? Assessing Internet & WWW Sites
helpful hints for online research? Online Research
need to avoid plagiarism? Avoiding Plagiarism 
need some documentation rules? A Documentation Primer
need help citing online information? Documenting Electronic Sources
what to keep in mind when you document?

Documentation Rules of Thumb


Pedagogical Sources for Chaucer & Medieval Studies

Larry Benson's Harvard Chaucer Page the best single source of online information on chaucer's life and work?
Teaching Chaucer? -
The Electronic Canterbury Tales
looking for online resources specifically for Chaucer & each Canterbury Tales?
ECT - Language Helps & Audio Files need help with pronouncing middle english?
Medieval Teaching Resources need a bunch of ideas?
General Teaching Resources Online need tested techniques?
Recommended Texts & Materials need new materials & ideas?
SMART: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching & Scientia Scholae two journals devoted to medieval teaching!
TEAMS: Teaching the Middle Ages an organization devoted to medieval teaching!
Online Networking for Chaucer Teachers & Students
want a chaucer expert to answer a question?
want to talk hear what scholars have to say?
if you join chaucernet, follow these guidelines!
Chaucer MetaMentors
Join Chaucernet 
Laura Hodges' Chaucernet Netiquette

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